Serving the Tea on AI Copywriting

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In this guide, we attempt to cover all things AI copywriting. This means everything from what AI copywriting is to how it works and pros and cons. Plus we discuss the ways you can use it to smash your efficiency targets.

What is Direct Response Copywriting?

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Direct response copywriting is a very important marketing skill. It makes it possible to build clear, communicative, and targeted advertising campaigns across a range of platforms and mediums. Wondering what it takes to write excellent direct response copy? We lay out everything you need to know in this helpful guide. 

Copywriting Rates Guide: How Much Should You Pay?

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Having a great copywriter by your side can make all the difference when it comes to achieving business success! It can truly be the difference between a thriving business and one that fades into obscurity. But how much should you expect to pay? Unfortunately, there’s no simple, clear-cut answer. Copywriting rates often vary across the industry […]

Proving the ROI of Content Marketing

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As with any form of marketing, content marketing ROI can only be proved if it makes more money than it costs. Some critics say that one of the biggest problems is that it’s too hard to measure while others would go further to say that it doesn’t convert into sales at all. One of the […]

Is Content Marketing Dead?

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Just like the death of SEO had long been prophesised, but has still yet to eventuate, so too is the idea that it’s only a matter of time before content marketing – SEO’s closely related cousin – will also become dead, buried and cremated.  The truth however is far less dramatic. While it’s true that […]